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Copy in a team environment, because they can see more big numbers but also to enhance the overall DPS, so we really like 3.3 of this change. Property hit: the main hand and hand weapons sell World Of Warcraft Gold hit the requirement of 8%, double hold because of the (27-3)%, 3% is worth noting is that the talent to hit the same effect on the main hand when dual wielding attacks Therefore, when dual wielding hit just 5% can not guarantee the main hand miss.

Now we hope that as many as the curse in combating the outbreak of injuries in WoW, and these two talents can do just that. Which is 5 talent can only come from death, necrosis, although necrosis seems to me that death is also very good, but this is no way thing. We know it sounds crap, but the fact is that Scourge Strike now is so sturdy, so in addition to the outbreak of the skills it provides no other choice.

But we sure most people will weary of this set, and must recognize that the specific value calculated for each gift is boring level, so this article directly omitted that part. foci together with the offensive because in 3.2.2 the curse horse is no longer useful to combat and destruction and silence lead us to the natural outbreak of the lack of DPS output, so when we skip the two foci together with offensive talent.


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