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WoW: Brave Fortress


Recruitment on the recruitment of officers Brisbane to you and Aerluosi Genera to meet him in the brave and the fortress barracks item sell World Of Warcraft Gold. Recruitment officer barracks across the 2nd floor, Brisbane. Recruitment days, notify the General Erluo Si in the left hand side of the house, 2nd floor.

Heroes play hammers Qiuzhong Shi, the main entrance of the left hand side fortress in brave. Fortress besieged brave Hammers Qiuzhong Shi wants you to kill six crypt crawlers, brave fortress in front of WoW. Fort brave death heaven hammer Qiuzhong Shi, should you kill 6 curse flames by, on the brave front of the left walking seaside fortress, and these guys fly in the sky.

Remote can play melee intensive organizations with the NPC to the network. Who can get down to the curse of heaven flame level? Plugged drain brave fortress hammer Qiuzhong Shi wants you to use explosives to damage brave burning north to Ceci and southwest the outlet.  



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