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What is Final Fantasy XI Gil


Final Fantasy XI Gil is the name of the currency used in Final Fantasy XI. sell Final Fantasy XI Gil can be used to buy weapons, spells, food, armor, items and accessories at stores and vendors. Players earn Final Fantasy XI Gil by fighting and defeating battles, winning minigames, finding treasure chests in dungeons and trading items for money. There are more effective ways to help gain Final Fantasy XI Gil such as farming, gardening, mining, fishing, smithing, goldsmithing, culinary, leathercraft, and alchemy.

The in game economy revolves very much around trade. Players buy items through auction houses and the value of Final Fantasy XI Gil varies due to inflation and competition among item sellers. PlayOnline prohibits the sales of in game currency, items and characters for real money. Players and gold farmers involved in such trade often get their accounts banned but it does not stop the RMT in the net.

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