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We Want Our Twinks Back To Have Fun!

Hello Everyone, I am hoping Blizzard reads this message.
  Every one loves to twink at 19,am i right? Well all find it so fun an exciting, but why has the spread of twinks stopped?, Since the hardtimes of the patch that killed all the twinks, it changed every twinks way of playing the game. All the twinks had to stop twinking and level up or just quit the game. It was so fun how twinks could have Enchants where you can have 40 stamina and 15 Agility, But that all changed cause theres level requirements. Why did blizzard make a level Requirment?, i dont know and i am looking for a nice thought-out Answer to this. Also why is there a level requirment on Professions. Why is blizzard taking the fun away in World of Warcraft? A lot of people twink and ever since the requirements on enchants and professions. It all stopped and many people quit and stopped twinking.
  The message i am trying to get across is why is there a level requirement on enchants and professions?
  Now Blizzard, If you can answer this question in a real respones -not an automatic respones- i want to hear a good explanation why you guys must take away the fun in twinking. 

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