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VanaFest 2010 Confirmed


If players like Final Fantasy XI Online, we have good news for you. NO, No, it is not news of ffxi gil, it is the next edition of VanaFest, Japan's premier Final Fantasy XI fan event, will be held on Sunday, February 28th 2010 in Tokyo! If you do not time to take part in it, don’t worry, we will report the fan event for all FFXI fans.

I know, more important thing is sell Final Fantasy XI Gil for most players. But good fan events can increase game culture. Attendees can expect this year's event to be a veritable goldmine of mind-blowing news. We still support players to buy ffxi gils in our site, because of this can help your FFXI adventure smoothly. Development and operation team members will engage in a talk session and divulge juicy pieces of information such as new content scheduled for upcoming version updates, planned job improvements, and other exciting milestones for the year 2010. The evolution of Final Fantasy XI is far from over, folks! But save your awestruck faces for the special announcement...and be sure to hang on to your seats when it comes!

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