Use Corehound puppy to ensure that the Guildbanks
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Use Corehound puppy to ensure that the Guildbanks

Authenticator owners received a nice surprise in their mailboxes when Patch 3.3 dropped: the corehound pup pet. It's absolutely adorable and a completely unexpected bonus to having a secure account. sell WOW Gold But it has also caused much kvetching among those who feel they are too careful to ever need the authenticator.Their loss can be your gain, however. One problem that many guilds have is that some of their high ranking members, with full bank access, have account security issues. When a guildbank gets raided by a hacker, it affects the entire guild -- not just the compromised account. One thing guild leaders can do to protect all members is require authenticators for bank access. Previous to patch 3.3, this was hard to prove. Now GLs can just ask to see your corehound pup.
   Of course, players can get the authenticator, show the pup and then deactivate the added security right after. So spot checks (perhaps at the beginning of every raid?) would have to be performed periodically. But this is a very easy way to ensure the security of a resource that affects an entire guild. At the very least, GLs can require that members previously hacked show their pets.

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