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Use 100000 dollars to play wow


 mesos can make you become rich. A player who named Jon Jacobs spent a million of wow in buying 

the right use of Treasure Island in wow. It is worth mention that the basic of game is the real money economy.
  The ration of wow and dollars is 10:1. That is the player named Jon Jacobs will spent 10 million dollars in

buying the virtual island in the game. In the game, the players can use real money to exchange PED.
  So it gives the chance to make a fortune in the game. The game is not only can free download, but also no monthly fee.
  There are 1000 complex apartments in the luxury island, including a big department store, gymnasium, 10 hunting grounds, a

nightclub and a large amphitheater. As a host, Jon Jacobs can dominate this piece of land, collect mining and the hunting tax and can

decided what information posted on bulletin boards.
  Currently, Jon Jacobs has planed to invite the famous DJ who comes from the virtual world to performance in the nightclub, and

collect some fees from the players for its entertainment.
  If you want make Entropiauniverse ped, you can join us. Welcome!

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