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True love was born in MMORPG

  Online marriages taking place in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft, which is customary to have a member of the priest (healer) class preside over the wedding, due to the name and the Prayer of Fortitude buff which the priest can use to symbolize the bonds of holy matrimony.
  But stories of internet gaming love have been around long before World of Warcraft. Couples have been meeting in cyberspace, in chat rooms and even on online dating service websites. So why are we so surprised about people meeting in the virtual world of a game?
  One reason for this is that people who have never played these types of game have a hard time understanding how highly social they actually are. Virtual games are just another method of meeting people .If you really want to express your love in the virtual game atmosphere, you can also do this with a virtual wedding. World of Warcraft has many great options for you to choose and hold your own virtual weddings. It can be fun and it give you an opportunity to have a celebration with other friends in .
  Your true love is waiting for you in  and what's more, World of Warcraft Wedding will be the eternal witness of your true love.

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