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The wolf could choose the fork in the road to Sell Lineage 2 Adena escape

A rich man hunted in Africa, after hunting three days and Sell Lineage 2 Adena nights, a wolf became his prey. When the guide got ready to take off the skin, the rich man stopped him and asked: "Do you think the wolf will survive?"The guide nodded. The rich man opened his communications equipment and ordered his helicopter which parked in the camped took off immediately, because he wanted to save the wolf. The helicopter flew away, carrying the injured wolf. The rich man was sitting on the grass and lost in thought. It was not the first time to hunt here, but he had never had such great touch. In the past, he had captured numerous preys, such as zebra calf, antelope, hyenas and even lions, he would eat it on that day, but this wolf let him want to save it. When he hunted the wolf, the wolf was slipped in a fork in the road, the guide was in front of the wolf and he also carried the gun. So the wolf was in the middle of us. Under the circumstances, the wolf could choose the fork in the road to escape, but it did not do it like this. Of course, the wolf was caught. The guide said: "The wolf is a kind of intelligent animal. It knows that as long as it is successful to escape to the gun, it has hoped to survive; on the other hand, it does not choose another road, it thinks the road must have the tanks.”

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