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The poor man was intoxicated and he slept on the Sell Diablo 3 Gold sofa

A poor man went to visit his relative Sell Diablo 3 Gold, his relative was a hospitable man, so he treated the poor man cordially. The poor man was intoxicated and he slept on the sofa. It so happened that the relative had to be on a business trip for a month, but the poor man was sleeping, he did not wake him up before he left, so he sewed a very expensive jewelry in the poor man’s clothes and then left away. He hoped the poor man can live a better happy depend on the jewelry. But the poor man was unconscious so he did not know about it. When he woke up, he went out, he was still very poor and he lived down and out, he only could make ends meet. He still did not know there was a very expensive jewelry in his clothes. Many years later, he happened to meet his relative, his relative was very surprised when he saw the poor man was still ragged and then he shouted: “You are hard to work for your life. Long before, I thought that you would live a happy life, because I sewed the jewelry in your clothes when you came to my house that year. I thought you will be rich from then on, but you did not know anything and lived harder.”

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