The perfect gift for my 100 games unbeaten record
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The perfect gift for my 100 games unbeaten record

 In near-perfect balance talent, and finally had a druid talent trees have the ultimate position talent. Balance talent for DMG bonus damage to spark anger, and the fate of the ascension of trees, to balance on top of the PVPs night
  Old before, but the green in 2.0 is MC levels of cloth, plus the battlefield sell World Of Warcraft Gold cloth, honor, less than 400 damage, but JingTianFu bonus Wow Gold Purchase damage and leap to 450 +, after a week with high damage to zadok weapons, 5 +
  But the ultimate equilibrium and DPS amazing trees, summon spells can delay a manaless class, before playing career can directly cause, now can easily deal with
  Therefore, in the balance of power, while the others vocational health when it does not increase, under the situation of balance DE had become king of the flag one-on-one.

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