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The money is the last word

sell World Of Warcraft Gold is the absolute principle in the game world. Many people see the Need for

equipment, only look on in despair because there is not afford to buy.
Therefore, in order to gather the wealth in the game, you must have a certain amount of business

experience, and the business is usually little bit by the accumulation of online gold, by a small amount

of money into big, so you are wealthy while expanding their own and become the person Exalted game.
To gather in the wealth in the game must do the following: To have a certain economic-minded and want to

market the game in the world of in-depth analysis, find the game a higher gold content supply and demand

of goods or consumables.
  Such as: the current inside finished dress, honor, excellence, crimson, precious stones consumables,

85FB above consumables, etc. Do not let their own warehouse backlog, my principle is: lattice put only

what is useful, because more trouble opening number. A lot of equipment on the market is transitional

thing, and therefore some of the first rejection to rejection.
  Not rejection of the inside can be sold to shop! Pay more attention to others on the sale of propaganda,

in practicing the skill upgrading or training, but also something more than shouting numerous sell their

own! In particular, selling something, there must be patience.
  To learn more about the mentality of buyers and sellers concrete analysis of specific issues. Such as:

Some people will rush when sell something cheaper; some people are very like your things, they do not care

about your point, he will use gold to buy your things. Removed between the trading, this is the art of



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