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The master ordered him to buy some Sell Dofus Kamas salt in the market

A disciple always complains everything with his Sell Dofus Kamas master. One day, the master ordered him to buy some salt in the market. When he was back, the master asked the unhappy man to grasp a handful of salt and then put it into a glass of water, then let him to drink it. “How about it?” The master asked him. “It is very bitter.” The disciple spitted the spittle and answered. Later, the master asked the disciple to put the rest of the salt into the lake nearby, and then he ordered the young man tasted the water of the lake. The disciple tasted, and said it was very fresh. “Have you taste it is salty?” The master asked him again. “No”, the young man replied. At the moment, the master said to the disciple: “Well, as a matter of fact, the pain of our life like the salt, neither more nor less, it is the amount we encounter in our life. However, the pain we experience just depends on the container that we put it into. If we put it into a cup, we will be bitter; on the other hand, if we put it into a lake, we can feel it is also fresh.” Therefore, we should open our mind when we are in pain. Do not be a cup, but to be a lake so that we have less pain in our life in order to live a happy life every day.




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