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The lamp of the wicked people must be snuffed out Sell DK gold

Yesterday, I read some well-known saying of the Sell DK gold Bible, so I share with you: love other people as yourself; resentment will kill the fool people, and envy can kill the crazy people; the wild donkey will not bray when it has grass, an ox will not bellow when it has fodder; the aged people have wisdom, and the ligneous people have knowledge; the lamp of the wicked people must be snuffed out because their fire will not shine; we can not comprehend the worth of the wisdom; the price of wisdom is beyond pearl; to shun evils is clever; not all the valued things are wise, similarly, not all the aged people can understand all things; the aged people can speak at first, and the ligneous people can teach others with their wisdom; the tear tests words as the tongue tastes food; do not comply with the stratagem if the wicked, do not stand on the way of sinners, and do not sit in the seat of mockers; we should like a tree planted by streams of water, fruits in season and the leaf does not wither; the pure words like silver refined in a furnace for seven times; the king should not be saved by the size of his army, the warrior does not escape because of his great strength; a righteous man may have many trouble.

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