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The executive vice president of Viacom says frankly those Sell Grand Fantasia Gold

The executive vice president of Viacom says frankly that her motivation of going Sell Grand Fantasia Gold abroad is emotionally 20 years ago - to travel around the world. In 20 years, study abroad, working in America, she thinks it is filled with chance and opportunity; each experience is like a pearl, no matter good or bad, as long as she works hard, it can be strung out to the beauty of life. When she is in the middle school, she wanted to be the ambassador, so she went to institute of diplomacy and she wanted to work in the United nations, so she must went out to achieve the aspiration. In 1985, she was the first person to go abroad, later, she understood that as long as the whole world did not say "No" to her, she will never give up. When she went to America, she was crying on the plane till the plane landed, her boyfriend broke up and she left her parents, she just only had 50 dollars. It was three in the morning when she arrived in America, she sat in a bar for whole night, she told herself that she treat every challenge as happiness because she went here for her ideal. As a matter of fact, the early experience great exercised and shaped her character, today, she often says that there are many smart people but a few brave people, however, she was a bold woman.

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