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The campaign running until May 25th

  If you are playing Final Fantasy XI this week, you are awesome. No, really -- your efforts at keeping the land free of bats, rarabs, and anything that vaguely smacks of being a reasonable leveling or merit target are appreciated. And if getting the obvious rewards of higher levels, drops, and so forth aren't sell Final Fantasy XI Gil enough, every year a week is set aside to let adventurers know just how much they're appreciated. And they're doing so via dashing clothing, interesting trivia for each character, and a variety of empowering moogle effects for all those who've been out in the world.
  The campaign, running until May 25th, isn't one of the more reward-oriented holidays -- but the addition of a full set of evening wear should entice almost anyone swayed by excellent clothing. (Which is really a fixture of the game at this point.) There's also an enticement for finding the scattered Mog Tablets, since unlike the usual boost of three random Super Kupowers, all eleven will be unleashed at once if the tablets are uncovered during the week. The official site has a helpful guide to said tablets, as well as the usual event fiction to commemorate the most integral part of Final Fantasy XI: the adventurers.

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