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The VanaFest 2010 Twitter Trivia Contest Announce

While everyone works to finalize the preparations for the event, the VanaFest 2010 Twitter page is just getting warmed up. VanaFest 2010 draws nearer every day. If you have not collect enough ffxi gils, you can sell FFXI Gil in ffxi on our site. In the days leading up to this momentous occasion, the Community Team has prepared a series of trivia questions to test most knowledgeable Twitter followers. To ensure that the best and brightest do not go home empty handed, they're offering a premier in-game item reward: the Chocobo Beret. Earning your prize will require a quick wit and the experience of a well-seasoned adventurer. Do not upset, however, as there will be plenty of opportunities to win starting February 23rd and lasting through to the eve of VanaFest 2010, February 27.Visit the official site to know more details about this. But if you want to buy ffxi gil in low price, our site is your best choice. The Requirements follow as:

1. Only players who have become followers of the FINAL FANTASY XI VanaFest 2010 Twitter page will be allowed to enter the contest.

2. Only players with an active FINAL FANTASY XI account will be able to redeem their in-game item. Players who are currently playing in a free trial period will not be considered.

3. Answers must be entered exactly as they appear in the game using the same capitalization and symbols.

4. Prizes are limited to one per person.

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