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The Rise and Fall of the Lich King Screenshot Contest

Many adventurers have begun a siege upon the Scourge in Northrend, besting the Lich King's corrupted allies in places like Howling Fjord and Zul'Drak, weakening his stronghold in Icecrown, and ascending through the twisting corridors of his citadel to lay waste to his most vile creatures and top commanders. The bravest of heroes have captured pictures to document the rise and impending fall of the Lich King, from their first steps into Icecrown Citadel’s hidden entrance into the Forge of Souls, to busting directly through the front gates of Icecrown Citadel.  sell wow gold .

We've selected the very best of these screenshots to offer each creator an Epic Edition Rise of the Lich King stein created by Taverncraft. We also congratulate our grand prize winner, James Hessler, who will receive the signed #1 of only 750 Legendary Edition Rise of the Lich King steins! Have a look at all of the winning screenshots here.

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