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The Fun of Race Choice About Making Wow Gold

Some of you might recall a bug from a little while back that allowed you to model-swap between characters on the same wow gold realm by "choosing" two of them at once. I'm pretty sure it's been fixed now, so I wouldn't bother trying it if I were you, but I had lot of fun swapping non-druid races into our various tier sell World Of Warcraft Gold sets and wondering what it might have been like to play them. I screenshotted like a maniac while doing so and then set them aside for a future column whenever I felt like doing something just for fun with numbers of wow gold in the game.
  If you play Alliance, you have to play a night elf; if you play Horde, you have to play a tauren. That would be today. When it comes to druids, the deal with race choice is that you don't really have any. We're the most race-restricted class in the game, and even in Cataclysm for you to get wow gold, that's not really going to change.

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