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The Chronicles of Spellborn : Game Update: Plans for 2009


With regards to short term planning, a new content patch is going to be rolled out soon (we expect it for end of January), which, among many quests and bug fixes, will also introduce new unique outdoor monsters (called Menaces, from which you might already know the cuddly “Tiny Tyke”). In the coming week, we’ll reveal some of these new Menaces on our website.

But the biggest chunk of this patch is undoubtedly the upcoming “Tutorial”. After reading the various comments from the community, and also from the various press reviews about Spellborn, we decided it was needed to implement a tutorial explaining basic movements, camera control, NPC interactions and combat controls in a dedicated area of the game, before players set foot on Hawksmouth Square. With this new system, we aim to provide all the tools to newcomers to have a great first-time experience which will motivate them and allow them to play the game further with greater enjoyment.

Also, we will invite you, the players, to experience the new instance in the Deadspell Storm called Exarchyon. This massive dungeon will take the players inside the raftyard-based headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Glaive, a hostile faction where many encounters and challenges await. The instance is aimed at players of Fame Level 20 to 25.

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