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Taming a Pet to Feed in WoW


Go on your WoW reading and here is the best place for you to buy wow gold. His loyalty rating is based on how happy he is. Monitor the face next to the portrait of your pet: red and frowning is unhappy, a yellow face is satisfied, and the green smiling face is happy. Feed your pet to keep him happy, and try to keep him alive. Your pet does more damage if he is happy and his loyalty rating increases.

You can begin by feeding your pet lower level to sell World Of Warcraft Gold food, but you will have to feed him higher level food for best results as he levels up. To feed your pet, right click on the feeding icon (looks like a dog biscuit), and then click on the food you want to offer him. Let him finish it and then see if his happiness has increased enough. If you have trouble with this check, the pet tab on your character profile to make certain you is feeding him the proper food. That is the content, thanks for reading and enjoys you.

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