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Tales of Pirates : Easter Events


In Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) there is a special group of pets known as the pretty Fairyz. They are popular with our players not only because of their beauty and loveliness, but also because they are very important partners in battle. To celebrate Easter, the envoy has brought a mysterious pet egg for our players, which when born, will have supernatural abilities.

Event Duration

At 9:15p.m. From April 6th to 9th EDT (GMT-4)


Players must go find the 3 required "stuffs" after the event starts. Then they must go to 3 different islands to do the required quests. Players must first go find GM A and redeem stuff A for Map Fragment A. Then GM A will inform players about the Easter Envoy's city through the local channel. GM A has only 30 Map Fragments. Similarly, players must get stuff B and C.

Finally players must go find the mysterious Easter Envoy according to the information collected from the 3 Map Fragment. After finding the Easter Envoy, they can redeem the Map Fragments for an Easter pet egg and a PVP Item.

Event Rewards

Each player is allowed to redeem the Map Fragments for the Easter gifts once. You must stay in line to get the rewards. One Map Fragment can get 5 Fried Oyster Soup.

Two Map Fragments can get 5 Prawn Dumplings. Three Map Fragments can get 5 Ratfish Rice and a mysterious pet egg.

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