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Tabula Rasa : Friday Night Fights: Night of Champions


As the clock counts down to the end of our beloved TR, it occurs to me that the longest running player operated event needs to go out with a bang. How do we do that?

FNF: Night of Champions

         For one night only, the CELLAR Arena could play host to the largest gathering of former FNF Champions ever assembled for a single event. For one night we can see the best of the best slug it out for the chance to walk away as the one and only FNF Grand Champion!

         There are still a good deal of former FNF Champs around; Fuzzball, Machka, Cappadocian (Brujah), Chandler, Valashar, Deadra, Vaeyn, Ludd, Slamscape, Iwamoto & Andriss.

         But what about Epilogue, Vitman, Ikthyace, Sliversoul, Konkrete, Patton, Sheperd & Coldforge?

         How about Glass, the only fighter ever to take the top spot Seven Times?

         I know quite a few of our former champions still come to the forums and I hope they see this because I need to know if they'd be willing to come back, even just for one night, to put on a show that I know we won't soon forget.

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