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A prehistoric turn based MMORPG sequel to the famous Stone Age 1, Stone Age 2 is a MMORPG many people seem to have missed due to the hype at Square Enix releasing their free turn based  sell FFXI Gil.
  Stone Age 2 is very much like the Pokemon games on the Game boy, like it is predecessor in fact the whole idea sounds very much like pokemon, capturing different Pals, razing their levels, doing battles with sell Final Fantasy XI Gil to get rewards and like pokemon the amount of Pals available is astonishing.
  But this is where the similarities to Pokmon end, where the real worth of the Stone age series shows through and what makes it, IMO one of the best turn based MMORPGs out there. First of all, each and every single Pal in the game is unique, because both stat gains
  sell World Of Warcraft Gold and base stats are random and because of the tournament system in the game, many players strive to find Pals with the highest stat. Secondly is the scale of the Stone Age 2 world, from the map, it seems there are over 6 islands with each island, vast, each with dungeons and secrets to explore.
  The last reason is the party system, allowing each player to have up to five pets in battle on their own and up to 5 players in a party.
  There will be some complaints about the game, such as the difficulty of bosses of the dungeons can be genuinely hard, as well as nap duelists. Yes there are batters in the game already but the number is remarkably few and sell WOW Gold GMs are trying their best to ban them and discover them.

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