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Star Wars Galaxies : Game Update 8 Release Notes


Player Cities:

Beginning 5/1/2009 12:01AM PDT, during every galaxy restart, if a citizen has not logged in within the past 90 days, he will be automatically removed as a citizen of the city and all his packable structures within the city limits will be eligible for packup. You can use the citizen roster window to see how long it has been since a citizen last logged in. This packup with not be the same as the existing abandoned packup, in that you will not get points for packing up these structures. They will not be marked as abandoned, but will be flagged in some other way. Packable structures within the city limit that do not belong to a citizen will also be eligible for packup if the structure’s owner (specifically, the character who owns the structure) has not logged in within the past 90 days. To be absolutely clear, we are talking about when this particular character/citizen last logged in. In-game mail will be sent to the mayor when a citizen is removed because of this 90 days inactivity. If the citizen logs back in after he has been removed as a citizen because of the 90 days inactivity, and his resident structure is still standing inside the city limits, he will be immediately added back to the citizen list, and the mayor will be sent in-game mail indicating that the citizen has been added.

For players who for any reason that cannot log in the character at least once during the 90 days, there will be a feature to allow the mayor of the city to flag that citizen as “safe”, meaning the citizen will not be removed from the citizen list, and none of the citizen’s structures within the city limits will be flagged for packup. Structures belonging to the citizen in a different city (where he is not a citizen) would be eligible for packup using the rules stated above. There will be a limitation on the number of citizens that can be "protected" as this is a feature for those cases which would normally not occur very often

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