Soul Shards introduction in WoW
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Soul Shards introduction in WoW


The Warlock requires Soul Shards for certain spells and minions. By the way, you can sell World Of Warcraft Gold. You receive a Soul Shard by using Drain Soul on a monster as it is dying. A catch is that you cannot get Soul Shards from monsters that don't give experience. Therefore you can't go into a newbie region and kill easy monsters for Soul Shards. Each and every Soul Shard takes up one slot in your bags, which means you do not want to carry a whole lot of them. However, you always want to have some in your bags, therefore you can summon your minions. When using Drain Soul, you cannot do anything else such as attack, move or cast another spell, or be interrupted. If you do not stand still, the Drain Soul will not work. You will need to learn how to do this properly, which can be challenging.

Soul Shards do not stay together here. This is for balance reasons, and therefore you won't hoard huge numbers of them. If you find yourself without Soul Shards, you will have to get them without the use of most minions, which sometimes can be a challenge. Imps can be summoned without the use of a Soul Shard, therefore you can use them to get your Soul Shard along with DoTs, and then switch to a more powerful minion. That is all, see you next time.


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