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Some Habits Will Damage the Health of Sell FFXI GIL Female


Wear high heels to go a long way. Australia's recent study found that women Sell FFXI GIL wear high heels all day are more prone to injury. The reason is that wearing high heels to go a long way would to increase the pressure of the hip, knee and back. Experts suggest that women could wear high heels are the special occasions. 2-3 hours is appropriate every day. When you go a long way, it is best to put on flat shoes.

The backpack is too heavy. Heavy backpack not only affects the body balance, and will increase the pressure of the cervical spine, shoulders and spine. American Chiropractic Physician Association recommends that the weight of the backpack should not exceed 1/10 of the body weight. People should choose the backpack which have the light backpack, and avoid excessive wrapped about metal and other ornaments on the bags. At the same time, you can clean out some unnecessary objects from the backpack in a time.

Do not love to do strength training. Strength training helps to protect the female joint and bone health, which make the body symmetry, or even prevent cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. Experts suggest increasing strength training twice in daily a week such as lift dumbbells are a good choice.

The housework is too heavy. Studies have shown that career women who spend 48 hours a week to busy housework are more likely to have the excessive stress and exhaustion. The experts suggest that work and a variety of household chores should be distinguished between primary and secondary. At least, the career women should not busy with multiple things at the same time. Husband and children could share some of the housework to make you feel the pressure.

Caring for family and neglecting own health. Women are always put the needs of the family at the first place, but to neglect their own health. This will lead to physical and mental health problems. The survey found that more than half of women feel unhealthy, 1/5 of them said keeping healthy is too difficult. Experts suggest that they should list the various needs and try to meet their own needs at first.


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