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Setting the bar too high?

  Square has had a long reputation of setting a high bar on graphics for their games... but their games have traditionally been developed for consoles first and computers much later, if at all. FFXIV hasn't been brought together with this mindset -- it seems from the benchmark that it was custom-designed to obliterate lesser PCs and take full advantage of the power of the desktop, by all appearances. But this raises an interesting question: Are they setting up the game to be sell Final Fantasy XI Gil too intensive for most computers to be capable of running it?
  It's only fair to point out that a PS3 is only $300, sometimes far less than it would cost to upgrade a computer significantly. Of course, it's also only fair to point out that upgrading your computer will help you across every game you play on it, while getting a PS3 only allows you to play games on the PS3.

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