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Sell DFO Gold players can switch between Quick Bars manually.

There are ten Quick Bars, for a total of 100 available hotkeys. To switch between Quick Bars quickly, hold down Shift and press the number corresponding to the Quick Bar you want to move DFO Gold to. Sell DFO Gold players can switch between Quick Bars manually by clicking on the arrow keys to the right and left of the Quick Bar number.You can also create a macro to switch between quick-bars by using the /qbar command. For example, if you want to move from Quick Bar 1 to Quick Bar 3, and back again, you can create a macro on Quick Bar 1 with this command: /macro Qbar3 /qbar 3, then a macro on Quick Bar 3 with this command: /macro Qbar1 /qbar 1. Place both of these macros on the same hotkey on each Quick Bar, and you'll have a fast, efficient way to switch between the two quick-bars.To remove a hotkey placed on the Quick Bar, hold down Shift and right-click on the hotkey you want removed.


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