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Retadin pvp guide in WoW


If you have no time to level up your character in WoW, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure sell WOW Gold. Here we will introduce some Retadin pvp guides for you, hope you like it.

You can play a lvl 80 paladin on khaz modan, you have been searching the web everywhere to find a guide to retadin pvp guide and only found ones that you have to pay for, or are not useful at all. If there are ppl that just started pvping with there retadin id makes this guide to help em out. 1st of all pvp and pve are completely different with ret. 1st if you are pvping add these spells to ur toolbar seal of blood, judgment of light, judgment of justice, crusader strike, divine storm, repetance, hammer of justice, bubble, lay on hands, flash of light, sacred shield, holy light, arcane torrent, hand of freedom.

The main problem with retadins in pvp is they die very quickly not a lot of paladins do this but it helps you heaps, make sure you cast sacred shield on urself a lot it can almost double our survivability and with art of war it can crit our instant flashes of light.


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