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Reason chose a new number

  Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka was at E3 to tell everyone just how improved it really is.
  When asked by RPG Site what makes the Square Enix MMOs any different from competing products from Blizzard and Sony Online Entertainment, Tanaka pointed to two unique points: the class system, which allows players to sell Final Fantasy XI Gil switch style at any time by changing equipment; and the GuildLeve system that helps you gather friends for quests.
  Why is it numbered as part of the core series of Final Fantasy games? Why not give it a spinoff subtitle or something? Tanaka; "Final Fantasy... X-2 had the same world, the same characters and a continuation of the story [From FFX]. However, Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI are totally unrelated, so that’s the reason we chose a new number."

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