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Quickest Farming

sell World Of Warcraft Gold is important to the most of the plays. You will make a chare in Silk Road and level it to level 9 with 0 gap, then take the character to the bongs area and begin to level it, but do not update the mastery any more, so you will leave it level 9, and keep leveling the character at bongs tell level 29.
After that you will do something no one or a little know it called that mean you will dell your character again to level 19, and you can do it fast I tell you how, if you using multi client, take character to hot an, flowers area, cause they are aggressive, let urn char die, and you res her with the other client, do this tell you be level 19 again, and then back to bongs and keep farming there, you will get lots and lots of sro gold and when you back to level 29 again, you will do the same to back to level 19 again.


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