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Quest Exp Given 70-80 in WoW


If you have no time to level up your character in WoW, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure sell WOW Gold. Here we will provide you some useful information about quest exp given 70-80, hope it could help you.

In fact, you should do RAF 1-60 on this toon, you primarily soloed or two-manned OL, and you soloed 8 of 9 levels so far in NR. From what you have observed, leveling is rather fast in Northrend. BTun or HF might seem slow, due to the large amount of people ninjaing quest gather items and such, but overall, it is rather fast to go through a level in NR. Follow quest chains, grab every quest in an area, and do them all. What is more, the leveling is fine. For example, Scholozar basin, you could go there on a day off, with nothing else to do, and did all of the quests there from start to finish, and ended just short of a whole level, in just under seven hours. Not everyone has this much time, as you usually more times than not do not. However, there has not seemed to be any hindrance on leveling. Just do the storyline arcs, the ones that are 6+ quests chained together, and the time flies, and you get a pretty nice added bonus of some cutscenes, decent gear, and an overall great experience.


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