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Pwn PvP with Your Hunter in WoW


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However, all three trees will have a need for their pets and the Volley attack. The most secure sell WOW Gold is offered here. You should target cloth wearing and lighter armored enemies and stay clear of heavy armored foes like warriors, paladins, and death knights if possible. Your damage can be of more use eliminating healers and DPS than trying to break through the heavy armor classes who have healers backing them up. After all, beating up a heavily armored meat shield with a ton of hit points that are constantly being refreshed is rather counterproductive. Fight smart and take out the healers first. Just keep one thing in mind; even if you are fighting a one on one battle, never assume there are no other enemies around. It's moments like these that a sure fire win can turn into a severe ganking. It is best to stick with your allies unless you enjoy getting blindsided by a small army.

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