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Priest is the Healing Power Houses

It is out of question that the Priests are the healing power houses of sell WOW Gold. It is what they do best and they do this very well, much more effectively and swiftly than any of the other classes in this game. But even if this is what they do well in, they have the ability to acquaint themselves in other roles, which make them a well rounded class for solo players. What is more, their best role is in supporting groups thanks to their main ability to heal.
   In the game, other classes such as Shamans, Druids and Paladins are capable of healing but not as effectively as the Priest. Let us take a Shaman as example. As a Shaman, you'll have the tanks and the rest of the melee close together in most raids. This is a good example where Chain Heal will do a great job. The tanks do not count on you to stay alive but what you can do is to spam it on the melee that has taken the most damage and then let it jump around and benefit the others including the tanks.
It's not easy to use and you'll have to switch between Chain Heal and your other healing spells, which depend on the situation. If a player is taking damage fast, you need a Lesser Healing Wave. You have a split second to evaluate the rate at which the character is taking damage and make the right choice. Any delay on this decision and poof, you have a dead guy in your raid.
Like Shamans, Warlocks as well as Priests are able to resurrect dead players, though Warlocks need to have special stones known as soul stones to do so. And also the Priest has great powers that are very useful for their own enhancement known as self buffs and use beneficial spells known as buffs for other players, which is especially useful to classes they support during combat like tanks.
   When the Priests reach the higher levels of the game, they have very powerful abilities at their disposal like being able to take over other humanoid monsters and the ability to look through the eyes of their opponent thus allowing them to track their movements. But there is one more skill of they possess that should not be underestimated is their ability to inflict major damage to other characters through the abilities gained using the Shadow tree which is useful for Priests that want to level up alone.
   In view of their healing buffs that benefit the group during instances raids and tournaments, it needs to be pointed out that Priests are more ideal for group play. The downside of this benefit, which is vital to groups, is that it makes the Priest the focus of enemies' attacks which is why a Priest must pick up their group carefully so that they are well protected from attacks. This is especially important because the armor of the Priest is cloth unlike tanks that are also the primary focus of enemy attack but wear plate or at the very least mail.
   All in all we draw a conclusion that the Priest is a class that is very challenging to play and one you ought to take into consideration, especially if group play is your thing in sell WOW Gold.

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