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Presenting the World of Warcraft Online Atlas

The World of Warcraft Online Atlas is here! The new Online Atlas is an informative resource to help you navigate the many locations

and regions of Azeroth and Outland using an intuitive Flash interface. The Atlas has two display modes:
  Detailed Region Info: See all the regions of Azeroth and Outland by clicking the minimap on the upper left. Each region is marked

with cities, towns, dungeons, and other points of interest. Clicking on each marker displays additional information -- for example,

clicking on a town shows you what resources are available there, such as trainers, flightmasters, and repair merchants. Detailed

capital city maps are also available from each continent's drop-down menu.
  Customized Region Info: Clicking on the Customized Region Info tabs displays an overlay on the world map highlighting only the

particular type of information you select. For example, clicking on the Transportation tab brings up all the flight paths and

boat/zeppelin stops in the world, and the Region Levels filter displays the appropriate level range for all regions in the world.
  We hope you'll find the new Online Atlas handy in your World of Warcraft adventures!

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