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Pirates of the Burning Sea : Milestone Patch Notes


         This is a milestone build and contains about a month’s worth of changes including new missions in our serial arc and improvements to the economy.

Major changes include:

         Black Sails and Dread Saints: We’ve begun a mission serial that begins in this milestone and will continue through the summer with more of the plot revealed during every milestone. For more information, check out Pramas’ devlog.

Bey’s Retreat and Fortaleza da Luz have been tuned with regard to the new Swashbuckling combat we introduced last milestone and have been re-enabled in game. We’ve made several fixes to the predecessor missions and some tuning changes based on internal play-testing. Let us know your feedback also.

         Low Population Incentives: In order to give players who are on the fence about what nation to play a reason to play the nations that are currently underrepresented in the game, we’ve added some bonuses to playing those nations. Currently the underpopulated nations are French and Spanish. Players choosing to roll characters of those nations receive double XP and a 30% chance to receive a bonus loot roll for PvP tokens. See Yardarm’s devlog for more info.

         Economic changes: We’ve streamlined and simplified a number of processes and halved (on average) the amount of labor required for everything. See Lum’s devlog for more info.

         New Coats: Happy Anniversary to Pirates of the Burning Sea! To celebrate the anniversary of our launch, we’ve added a new coat for each nation. Enjoy!

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