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Orc Class in WoW


Following here is some information for Orc Class in WoW, have a look as that can help you know more about this game.

Blood Fury

Increases attack power for 15 seconds and decreases healing done to you by 50% for 25 seconds. Two minute cool down. Attack power is one of the main stats for a hunter and if you are careful about not needing healing you can use this every two minutes to pump up your DPS.


Increase resistance to stun effects by 15%. This really excels in PVP, especially against rogues. It shouldn't be very necessarily in PVE though since ideally you will not be hit and stunned that often. Here we sell WOW Gold that you can buy to help you.


Increases pet melee damage by 5%. A small bonus, but still very useful to a hunter, especially a Beast Master specced one.

Axe Specialization

Increases Axe expertise by 5.

This is not very useful since you aren't supposed to melee. It is a little help before you get your pet, but after level10 it is irrelevant. As it stands now shadow resistance is only useful in a few select fights in dungeons and very high end instances. It's a nice bonus but don't worry too much about it.

Overall Orcs make very good hunters and maybe the very best for horde. Except for Ax Specialization all of their abilities are excellent, especially if you want to be Beast Master spec or engage in PVP.

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