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Opinion about the game

  Final fantasy is one of Squaresoft’s biggest money makers and may as well be the sole bread and butter of the company. In the past decade playstation console has been   Squaresoft’s niche. The news that they were releasing a MMORPG even before an offline game was startling news to many final fantasy fans. To be honest my initial thoughts upon hearing this weren’t very positive. The final fantasy franchise has always been a laid back offline game with massive content and exploration. FFXI revealed very little information on release which sell Final Fantasy XI Gil didn’t help the anticipation. Despite being released on ps2 in certain regions its main platform was the PC. It was interesting to see how Squaresoft would adapt to two completely different genres with a single game. However the end result proved quite positive. The story line is sketchy at best this was never their forte anyway. However the quality and the animations of FFXI are quite impressive. It is quite satisfying to see your hits actually having visible contact animations.  FFXI sacrifices diversity to allow the player more flexibility all roles referred to as “Jobs” are independent of race, very few MMORPGs allow this level of flexibility. The game also has only three initial starter regions and two races. Curiously enough FFXI allows you only to have one single character. Every other character can only be made for a fee of 1$. The only reasoning that comes to mind is that Squaresoft wants to have an accurate count of its players.

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