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The War of Shadows expansion in Forsaken World will bring you a brand new playable race – the Lycan today! This bestial new race is capable of shapeshifting into werewolf form, which grants increased power and defenses.
"The War of Shadows expansion will change Sell Forsaken World Gold forever with the addition of the Lycan race," says Senior Product Manager Mark Hill. "With the launch of this expansion, players can also look forward to new challenges and rewards in the form of group and solo dungeons, as well as a newly balanced skill and talent system."
By transforming into Lycan form, this bestial new race gain incredible powers that let them cast off movement impairing abilities, channel spells faster, and increase the power of both offensive and defensive abilities. Take a look at the latest trailer shown here.
Capable of taking on the role of either a Priest or Assassin, the Lycan can deal out both heals and death in equal amounts. As a new addition to Forsaken World, the race is on to become a recognized, world renowned Lycan. Don't miss your opportunity to be the first to embrace the wolf and leave your paw print on history.

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