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Myth War 2 : A Look at Pet Attributes


Pets are a very important element of the game play in Myth War II . And the pets there are truly as individual as our players with over 200 different creatures to call your own. Players train their pets to share their journey, their happiness and even their battles. Today we will share with our players some of the main attributes of the pets of Myth War II.

Loyalty: A value which shows whether or not a pet really listens to its owner’s instructions. This value will decrease if the pet dies in the battle and the pet will not follow orders if the value is too low. It increases as the pet levels up, and Stone of Loyalty may also be used to increase the value.

Intimacy: A value which shows the success rate of a pets ability to use its skills like “Berserk” and “ Combo” etc. The higher the value is, the stronger the pet will be. It increases when players play and fight with their pet. Obviously the longer that a pet and its owner spend together the stronger the value of their intimacy will be.

Pet's Attributes:A value shows how a pet’s internal stats affect its abilities. The higher the value, the faster their skills can be improved.

Life Span: Every pet has a default maximum life span. This value will decrease as a result of battles and death. The Phoenix Stone, which are available in the Item Mall, can be used to restore the life span of a pet. Should a pet’s life value decrease to 0, then they can not join their master in battle. The Phoenix Stone can also be used to revive a pet and restore its life span to upper limit.

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