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My sweet gentle Sell WOW Gold mother


I have a sweet, gentle mother, I love my mother very much Sell WOW Gold, sometimes she will scold me, but I know that she is good for me, she loves me, and I experience it personal. For example, last Friday afternoon, I felt a bit dizzy, so I took my temperature, and I told my mother that I had a fever. My mother was startled, she went to take some medicine for me quickly, she was looking at me to take medicine. That night, we did not go out, I stayed in the room all the time, I was lying on the bed to read books, and my mother was taking care of me carefully. Before I went to bed, my mother took temperature two times for me, and then she found that I still had a fever. When I slept, my mother touched my head from time to time to check it. I was thirsty in the midnight, she still brought a cup of warm water for me even if the weather was too cold. I felt my mother could not sleep for a night, I tossed her a whole night. Sometimes, I do not understand my mothers, so I often quarrel with her, and even shout to her loudly. But now, I know that she loves me very much, I grow up healthy under the meticulous care of my mother.


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