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Mounted Combat in Darkfall

sell Final Fantasy XI Gil is from a new game, but it is familiar with many players. One of the major item on our wish lists as players of other games was horses. So, many of us had been asking for this feature from our favorite games for years.
  Unfortunately, most MMOGs do not have mounts, or they have added mounts with very limited capabilities that do not go beyond transportation. True mounted combat does not exist in any MMOG today.
  The basic racial mounts of Darkfall are widely available and can be purchased from NPC merchants. Any player can own as many of these mounts as he can afford with enough sell World Of Warcraft Gold.
  In Darkfall, mounts are fully controllable by the player. Character control is maintained while riding, the character can equip items, attack, look around. The riding skill of player affects the mounted maneuverability, mounted combat effectiveness, as well as movement speed to a lesser extent.
  Mounts can be stored safely after use, but they can be taken over if left unattended, or when the rider is killed. Mounts will take damage, slowly regenerate their health and they can also be killed. There are running and walking mode and they can also jump and swim. Armored mounts and a taming skill are features under consideration.
  The mount gives the rider several obvious advantages in combat. The higher position and the movement speed make him harder to hit and the mount will also attack the target along with the rider in static attacks. Drawbacks include lesser maneuverability for the mounted player, difficulty fighting and maneuvering on some terrain, as well as fewer attack options.
  At the moment, mounted combat is limited to melee weapon strikes along with the own attack of mount. The player needs to dismount to use ranged attacks if you have enough sell WOW Gold.

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