Melee DPS Classes for Destruction Overview
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Melee DPS Classes for Destruction Overview

At the moment, WAR online offers two melee DPS classes for Destruction in time, one is the slightly traditional Witch Elf who is kind of like a Rogue with a thirst for unrelenting murder and on heavy doses of mind altering sell WOW Gold drugs and anther is the Marauder who is more irregular with his very flexible and cool looking mutation mechanic-- he can grow all sorts of disgusting stuff out of his body. Let us get started those two classes right now.
   The Witch Elf is more or less Rogue class, complete with a fairly restricted stealth mechanic called Shadow Prowl. It is a bleast bride of the Dark Elf god, Khaine. They find rapture in combat and drive themselves into a crazed Blood Lust which can only be made into satisfaction through a frenzied attack to finish their enemy. This is the Witch Elf mechanic at its heart. You use attacks that build your Blood Lust to a level from one to five, and then use one of your Frenzy abilities. The strength of the Frenzy correlates directly to how much BL you've built up.

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