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Lower Level Guide to WoW Maligo Base


We collect some Lower Level Guide to WoW Maligo Base, please read them in details and get the main points you need. If you have no time to earn the cheapest wow gold, you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you.

Make your way south out of this room, right at the first junction, the next left, then the next right to arrive at the Yellow switch at 271,-63,-42, and flip it. You can buy wow gold in our website. Move ahead and to the north where you encounter a named Linker, Harvester Quorvyn at 285,-62,-16. You can't proceed as doors are shut, so you need to backtrack to the south, west through the Yellow switch room, and loop back up to the now open Red Switch room at 233,-63, and 14. Destroy the CPU here, make sure you have flipped the Red Switch, and then return to the Green Switch Room.

Flip the Green Switch one more time, and run toward the Yellow Switch area and into the now open final CPU room at 288,-63,-6. By the way, if you want to buy cheap professional sell World Of Warcraft Gold, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. Destroy this CPU and Self Preservation will complete by Radio Transmission with 6200 credits and choice of new boots. Now that you have crippled the security systems, your trip to the upper level should be much easier. Move your squad back down to the southwest toward the teleporter at 34,-62,-183. Make sure you flip the switch against the wall to activate the teleporter, then you should go step inside to move to the upper level. You have now finished with the Lower Level of Maligo Base. Look for Part Two - the Upper Level and Wormhole soon!

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