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Lord of the Rings Online : Lothlórien Quest Notes


         Welcome to Quest Notes, the place to go if you want to learn about some of the neat new things the Content Team has planned for your questing enjoyment in the next update: there’s a new Epic Book to continue the story of Volume II, the Fellowship of the Ring has (mostly) arrived in Lothlórien and will be pleased to see you again, and the land of the Galadhrim must be kept safe from the dangers of the outside world. In fact, one of the challenges you as a player must face will be proving to the Galadhrim that you yourself are not a danger to the Golden Wood.

         The Trust of the Galadhrim

         The Elves of Lórien are right to be cautious: Orcs of Moria have come down from the mountains in the wake of the Fellowship’s passage, readying for an assault on the Golden Wood. Elves hidden along the border are prepared to shoot any who trespass, with skill so great that the only warning an unwelcome visitor has to their presence will be a swift and final rain of arrows. How then can you gain safe passage beneath the leaves of Lothlórien? There are several ways you can prove yourself to the Elves and gain limited access to Lórien.

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