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Like the pain of friends come in please.

Few words, said this bothersome talent for 1V2 or 3V3 1V1 is arena. Belong to 70 pain distance conversion, two conversion skill (+) and the contract with the blood, and destroy rainbow support the  Purchase slight, equipment for high resistance in, do not need the support of the basic output value, pain, which is sent to survive, and BEBUFF 5 enemy in the effect is 3 seconds - (rainbow 64 it 170 variation 180 corrosion 180 pain 90) is the 64 170 + 170 + 180 + 90 = 684 damage (ignoring resistance and various equipment damage, here is the basic data, if you can all pressure on the enemy, compare the profession: the priest, from rogue (luck, on the contrary, the thief when you take in attack, but the emblem of the moment he fled in your arms and let you be poisoned, a giant toxic sac outside estimates that will count very troublesome. And comparison of thieves stole star. Knight, hunter, a mage, shaman.
  This talent, a reasonable skills more conveniently keyboard is indispensable, plus have 70 + APM and relatively good consciousness, you live kite is the enemys death, BEBUFF let you not to destroy the output, and more not properly prefabricated night and will let the enemy shadowburn very tricky, this talent play a lot, I didnt also the qualification in here own flow method, paypal hope the friend dont destroy burn consumed more consumed, converting a relaxed mood to experience pain this so-called under no technology talent will make you feel, warlocks can be divided into three classes, the only profession.
  As the pain as destruction from playing like mage, nature and position of the warlock he isnt high output, is a relatively good self recover and strong ability of a cursed magic + fragile physically career, we can see D&D from all of the company is that the definition, output under other classes, have better lay in the team is behind the warlock, so I always pursue with torture methods to the enemy before the funeral.

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