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Knights of WoW Silver Hand


Here is the best online service for you to buy the cheapest wow gold. Knights of the Silver Hand were the order of paladins created after the First War by Uther the Lightbringer and Archbishop Alonsus Faol.

Years after it is decimation by the corrupted Prince Arthas during the Third War in WoW, the shattered remnants of the Silver Hand bounced back under new leadership. Tirion Fordring later rejoined it is ranks and reorganized it. He now is ready to take the fight to Northrend itself. Humans began the Knights of the Silver Hand, and they remain the bulk of it is membership. They are proud of the paladins' contribution to the Second and Third Wars, though they are shamed at Arthas betrayal. Here you can get the most secure sell WOW Gold.

After such an enormous breach of trust, the paladins have changed anew to eliminate all traces of corruption in their ranks.


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