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June version to update

  Final Fantasy XI's June version update is on its way to bring food and water and smite our enemies. It also will bring the first increase to the level cap in a long time, which means new subjobs, new areas for leveling, and new weaponskills. The last item on the list is something so obvious that it's sell FFXI Gil almost fallen by the wayside, but Square-Enix made sure to return our attention to the upgrades via a new video on the official site.
  In the event that you don't feel like waiting on the download, we've taken the liberty of putting the video available for your viewing after the break. Some of the actual weapon animations look a bit standard, but others use the more dramatic animations reserved for high-end attacks (such as Bora Axe). While we don't yet know important tidbits such as which elements the skills will be for skillchain purposes, take a look past the cut to get some impression of what your job of choice in Final Fantasy XI will gain with its new levels.

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