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Jumpgate Evolution : 2008 from a Jumpgate Perspective


2008 was a great year for Jumpgate Evolution and its development, and now we’ve leapt into 2009 with a spring in our foot we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the top stories that came out of 2008.

         Jumpgate Evolution Playable at Connect – March 2008

         In March Jumpgate Evolution was fully playable for the first time at Codemasters Online Connect, a two-day gaming event held in UK for the fans. The game went down a storm with those who played it, showing just a snippet of what’s due for the full game release.

         Emissaries – March 2008

         In early 2008 we launched the Emissary program with the first five Emissaries coming on board after a nomination and voting period, and we’re glad to say they’re all still with us today helping out on the forums and playing an important role within the community. To date the Emissaries have helped guide new players and participate in important discussion relating to the games direction. Towards the end of 2008 we signed up an additional four Emissaries, two for the French community and two for the German community.

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